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The culturally gifted city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan will again host the Indian Classical Music Festival, or "Boutique," as it is popularly known. The four-day festival, which opens on Friday, combines folk and classical music traditions and offers the opportunity to experience what has long been a destination for upscale crowds. In my case, I was meant to do a larger tour of the region and the boutique, as I will describe in a moment, can be enjoyed all by myself, but in this case it would fit fantastically well in the Raj as well as in JODHpur and Narlai Udaipur.

If you like the fusion of Indian music and international music, you can also book tickets for the 5-day festival in Jodhpur, which is also intended to recognise various artists from different parts of the world. The festival offers an open stage for live performances of classical and popular music from all over India as well as international artists.

Rajasthan has a rich culture like poetry, and Jodhpur RIFF brings a taste of this amazing tradition at dawn session, led by the world - renowned classical and classical - style violin, piano and lilting singing. The opening event will be a live performance of classical music from India and international artists working with artists from all over the country and other parts of the world. It is encouraging that this is the first of its kind in India, "said Ravi Singh, director of the JODHpur International Music Festival.

He has a work with an enormous repertoire that upholds the Sufi tradition of Rajasthan. In the 5th grade he convinced Sangeet Visharad (classical songs) at the Gandharv Maha Vidhyalaya in Mumbai. Karan has been performing in music programs in India and abroad for several years, most recently at the Jodhpur International Music Festival. A young, dynamic musician from Jaipur, who studied in Delhi and Mumbai and has also performed at various festivals and concerts in the United States, Europe and Asia.

So I came to Jaipur and Rajasthan, "says Divya Bhatia, who played an important role in the founding of the Jodhpur International Music Festival (RIFF) in 2009. This is a platform to showcase India's neglected traditional music, folk music and cultural heritage, says the festival's director, Divyas B Hatia. The Raj asthan International Folk Festival is the result of JaIPur's Virasat Foundation Folk Festival, which began eight years ago with the aim of presenting neglected and underappreciated traditional and contemporary music from the region and the country as a whole, says B hatia. Presented in its ninth edition from October 23 to 27, the riff will not only bring new music to the country's audiences, but also coincide with India's Independence Day celebrations in New Delhi on October 29, said festival director Diviya Bhatt.

Jodhpur RIFF not only showcases the cultural lifestyle of India and the rest of the world, but also gives music artists the impetus to present their unique creations, Bhatia says. With this festival, folk musicians who are not showcased in their music are now known worldwide for their musical talents.

The Rajasthan International Folk Festival is one of the best places in Jodhpur for music lovers and music lovers alike. Apart from being the largest music festival in the world and the most popular festival of its kind in India, it has a lot to offer tourists.

The dates of the Jodhpur RIFF are slightly different each year as they coincide with different festivals in different parts of Rajasthan such as Jaipur, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh. This year it was scheduled for October, coinciding with the annual music and dance festival at Mehrangarh Fort, the state's most popular tourist destination. It falls on October, which is practically one of the best times to visit Rajaesthan. Along with a number of other festivals such as the Indian Music Festival and the International Folk Festival, spectacular concerts and events are also taking place around Mehringod Fort.

Jaipur Festival, almost every place in Rajasthan is known as "Dandiya" and it is one of the best places to enjoy in the state.

The country has artists who indulge in and follow folk music, and there is no shortage of them in the country. This sizzling musical performance creates a unique experience for national and foreign artists performing at various stages of the festival, inflating the spirit - brass compositions that celebrate the rich history, culture, traditions and traditions of Rajasthan and its people. The Rajastha International Folk Festival Reef, which began in 2007 and attracted over 1,800 paying visitors last year, is a contrast to the Jaipur Festival.

Often abbreviated as Jodhpur RIFF, it is a non-profit partnership project in which a leading trust, Jaipur Music Trust, is involved, which aims to provide music lovers with a platform to unite and celebrate music. In the heart of Rajasthan, the birthplace of Rudyard Kipling ("Work of Angels, Fairies and Giants") and the world's largest folk festival of its kind, more than 250 musicians and performers from all over Raj, from outside Rajasthan and from all over the world will gather.

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